About Telegraph Health Center


Telegraph Health Center medical cannabis marijuana counter in oakland CA

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality cannabis, with a friendly and safe environment.

Telegraph Health Center is Oakland California’s preferred medical cannabis dispensary with a full menu of medicinal marijuana flowers, concentrates and infused products.

Telegraph Health Center operates as a collective dispensary in compliance with state laws, the Attorney General Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use, the Oakland Municipal 5.80, the City of Oakland Administrative Regulations and Performance Standards for Oakland Medical Cannabis, and all other applicable regulations.


How do I know my reward points?2017-07-03T15:26:39+00:00

Reward points can be found on your most recent receipt.

Do you accept Debit or Credit cards?2017-07-03T15:26:23+00:00

We accept Debit and Cash.

How can I get a hold of you?2017-07-03T15:26:05+00:00

Our phone number is (510) 808-5121.

Is your online menu up to date?2017-07-03T15:25:44+00:00

We update our online menu almost every day for you 🙂

Are the cannabis items you carry lab tested by a third party?2017-07-03T15:25:11+00:00

Yes, all product must be tested and free of any pesticides before item is sold.

What are Telegraph Health Center business hours?2017-06-19T11:38:57+00:00

We are open everyday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

How do I become a member?2017-07-03T15:24:24+00:00

All patient members must be of 18 years of age or older and have valid photo identification as well as a valid and verifiable doctor’s recommendation.

Can I show my ID or recommendation on my phone2017-06-19T11:39:41+00:00

No, you must have a physical copy of your ID and recommendation letter.

Can I medicate onsite?2017-06-19T11:39:37+00:00

No medicating is allowed in Telegraph Health Center or on area grounds.


Vending Hours:

Vending Contact:
(510) 808-5121